Endangered Species
I took part in the 5th edition of 36 Days of Type to explore and understand the endangered species on the planet. To view the full project and know more about the species, visit @komalja.in
Information source: IUCN red list
Ateles Fusciceps
Also called Black spider monkeys, they are most known for their red faces.

Current status: Vulnerable
Reason: Deconstruction of rainforests due to hunting.

Bradypus pygmaeus

Also called Pygmy three-toed sloth. They are known for their low metabolic rate and spend 15 to 20 hours per day sleeping.

Current status: Critically endangered
Why? Deforestation of tropical rain forests.

Dendrolagus sp.

Also called Tree Kangaroos. They are known to sit and feed their babies and have an appearance of a cross between a kangaroo and a lemur.

Current status: Least concern
Why? Indigenous people hunt these animals for food, sometimes using dogs to track them down.

Geronticus eremita
Also called, Northern bald ibis. They breed in Morocco, Turkey and Syria and pair for life.

Current status: Critically endangered
Why? Hunting, loss of foraging habitat and pesticide poisoning

Justicia americana

Also called American water-willow, they grow above water or sometimes submerged.

Current status: Least decline
Why? Loss of habitat due to dredging of the seaways.

Trithemis nigra

Also called, Principe Dropwing, it is endemic to Sao Tome and Principe.

Current status: Critically endangered
Why? Habitat loss.

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