Following is a series of installations made as a part of competitions and course projects while exploring materials and structure making. 
Each being parts of different briefs, physical scenarios and collaborators, led to learning hugely about materials, their combinations and working with people.  
Winner, Junk Installation, 2017
Theme: Summer Pop, Monsoon Fiesta, Intra-college fest
Raging Bull
Winner, Junk Installation, 2016
Theme: Anger, Monsoon Fiesta, Intra-college fest
Materials used: Bamboo, nylon coated wire, hooks
We explored tensegrity to create a structure that can hold an exhibition or be an installation or a space. It helped in sensitizing us towards structures, material properties and combination, strength and balance. 

Materials used: Chindi(cloth rags), jute sacks, four ply yarn
We explored chindi as a material to bring out the beauty of something that usually thrown off. The final outcome was a colourful maze to the center of which lied a beautiful canopy of cloth rags.

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