Light and Sight
Graduation Project
Dharohar is a non-for-profit organisation based in Udaipur. They engage with children to create learning experiences that in build the mindset of lifelong learning.
I designed the thematic learning space, called Third Space Mini for the theme, Light and Sight. The theme was set for 3 months where children of age group 7-14 engaged with the final four learning tool outcomes. 

Role: Research, Facilitation, Strategy and narrative making, Design-iterate-build the thematic learning space
The project started with me trying to understand how I learn. It broadened towards the end as how do I leverage my skills and strengths to contribute best to any project. 

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Animation Station
Learning Tool 1
A toy-crate station that hosts animation toys for children to draw on and explore. The toys range from simple 2 frames to 18 framed zoetrope.
Goggles Play
Learning Tool 2
Children to install their own make-shift goggles with filters or wear animal goggles that affect their regular vision and try out the challenging re-playable tasks. The tasks are incorporated with prompt questions asked by volunteers to sensitize children towards the properties of their eyes and others, as well. 
Apni Paathashaala
Learning Tool 3
A self inquiry based learning space that hosts fun activities for children and volunteers to do and learn from through questions. Activity example: DIY hologram, find height of the wall without measurement, etc. The space is set up in a way that it can be used beyond one theme by changing activities based on the theme.
Light Play
Learning Tool 4
A set of three platforms prepared with exploration tools and objects for children to play with and explore light endlessly through colours, shadows, stories and materials. Task cards with questions were created for children and adults to try out individually or in groups.
Questions as personal reflections
Since learning is a long term process, Is it possible to track it, if so, how?

How to bridge the gap between learners of diverse communities and class?

I learn through questions. Why?

Learning is a part of a larger system of interaction and is influenced by
surroundings. Will that be taken into account in our education system?
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